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March 26, 2018: Pre-Conference Trainings

Our workshops are three-hour deep-dive sessions, built to give you access to a room full of organizations facing the same challenges as you. Solutions will be discussed and discovered in this collective-working session of blockchain experts providing diverse insights based on experience.

Sessions are packed with discussions and activities that will get creative ideas flowing, along with templates, toolkits, and resources that you can take with you to share with your team back at the office.

Workshop 1:

9:00 AM - Introduction to Blockchain

Limited Seating - Registration Required

This half-day workshop will provide a high level understanding of essential blockchain concepts for executives who are new to blockchain in business and government. Attendees will understand key fundamentals of blockchain, what it can and cannot do, get beyond the jargon and communicate effectively with developers, solution providers and your C-suite…


Workshop 2:

9:00 AM - Building a Business Case & Blockchain Strategy for Enterprise

Limited Seating - Registration Required

This workshop will help you build a business case for Blockchain in your organization. Gain an understanding of proof of concepts, pilots, and production Blockchain. Learn how to deal with vendors and what questions to ask when comparing solutions. Get instruction on best practices for evaluating areas of opportunity…


Workshop 3:

1:00 PM - Cryptocurrency Investment and Analysis

Limited Seating - Registration Required

This workshop will explain how to identify great investments in the New Finance space, from cryptocurrencies to ICOs. Whether you're looking to invest in the market, or you currently hold or trade cryptocurrency and blockchain assets, this half day workshop will give you a practical, profitable approach to investing…


Workshop 4:

1:00 PM - Developing an ICO/Token Launch Strategy

Limited Seating - Registration Required

This session is aimed at startups and organizations that are looking to launch their own Token via an ICO. It will look at practical issues facing organizations including compliance, marketing and PR, attracting investors, strategy and more. What are you trying to achieve? Minimum viable product & deliverables Utility…


Save Your Seat!

Blockchain trainings are an essential part of your conference experience!

Here’s why:

  • We hand-pick our training facilitators that have extensive backgrounds and expertise in working with executives with an interest in the real life, practical application of Blockchain — just like you.
  • We introduce you to the training leader prior to the start of the conference — so you can contact them directly with any questions you have or specific topics you’d like addressed during the session.
  • We keep training numbers limited to ensure you have dedicated, one-on-one time with each training trainer to get your specific questions answered.


Are the Blockchain West trainings included in my general conference access pass?

No, access to these trainings is not included in your purchase of a Blockchain West general conference pass. If you want to attend the trainings, you’ll need to purchase a dedicated ticket to that training.

How many people attend trainings?

We limit seating to 30 to make sure the training leader has time to work one-on-one with attendees. Reserve your seat as soon as possible - they fill up quickly!

Can I attend multiple trainings?

All of these trainings are happening concurrently at 2pm, so you need to select one. Attendees are required to sign up for their training in advance so that training presenters can know exactly who they’ll be teaching — and tailor content especially for you! Resources and presentation slides for each training will be available post-conference.

Can I bring my team to the trainings?

Absolutely! Contact Kelly about group discounts for attending trainings. Attend one training as a group, or have each member attend one of the 3 training options.

Save Your Seat!

What past attendees say about our trainings:

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