The Science of Marketing

Marketing is an inclusive term but basically means the act of promoting a service or a product for sale. However, it requires a degree of skill to market to a target audience, whether that be through face to face conversation, digital marketing through a website or email marketing. The key to the success of marketing is understanding the customer and offering them precisely what they need. Many tools and resources are used for marketing, including advertising, social media, flyers, and brand awareness. Market research is often the start of the process, with an exploration of target audiences and their particular needs.

Digital Marketing for Beginners

15 Apr 2021

Those new to digital marketing should focus on simple strategies to promote their business. Understanding keyword research, compiling SEO blogs that resolve customer queries, unlocking the value of video content, and tapping into social media are just a few techniques companies are using to attract more customers.

Social Media Marketing

8 Mar 2021

Social media platforms continue to soar in popularity, and tapping into that vast pool of potential customers is undoubtedly key to succeeding in the modern world. Learning how to navigate the options, build a brand and influence consumers is a top priority for businesses aiming to rise above competitors.

Best Strategies to Promote Sports Teams

22 Jan 2021

All sports include injuries, but nothing hurts more than when nobody shows up to watch your favorite team perform on the sportsfield. Sports, like any other business, needs to be promoted. Sports teams pay top-dollar for good management. The more spectators that show up to events, the more the team's value increases.

Marketing and Public Relations officers have a few nifty industry tricks that have been proven to fill the stadium. Let's take a look at how the experts do it.

Could you give it a Trendy Name?

Name your event, and keep it with the times. Events that are branded well catch the attention of people that can relate to them. That's why event organizers name all their festive occasions with a catchy phrase that's trendy and fun. For example, look at the annual Burning Man festival. Free-spirited ravers get together, build wooden arks, party for days on end, and then set light to all the impressive structures. The name says it all, and it's become a cult-like event with radical followers who won't miss it for the world. Yes, naming your event is the start of a success story.

Market on All Platforms

Use every avenue available to market the sports event. Social media is an excellent start and offers tools that help narrow down your target audience. With Facebook marketing, you can select the region, age group, and gender that you want to target. It's affordable and effective. Consider creating awareness for your sports event by inviting spectators to bet online before the actual event.

Put up Posters in the Area

Please don't neglect the fact that marketing is most effective when it's in your face. If a couple walks past the same poster for a week, it’s likely that the next time they plan an activity they’ll remember what they saw on the poster. Printed media is still popular, even if most modern marketers neglect it. If you use posters, you must select the places to hang them well. Gyms, tennis courts, baseball parks, and schools are all perfect marketing areas.

Sell Tickets Online Before the Event

It's all about convenience. Spectators don't want to wait in long lines to get inside your sports venue. You can consider early bird discounts and group bookings through the ticket agent. These are all convenient ways to promote future events. 69% of sports lovers have said that they would support more events if it were more convenient to buy tickets in advance. Popular and well-organized ticketing agents also participate in marketing your event as it boosts their revenue.


You'll often find marketing opportunities will present themselves as you network with various people from different industries. Always be wise about your strategy and stick to your planned budget. Use innovative partnerships to promote your team's events and allow the sponsors the freedom to market themselves. It's all part and parcel to the effective promotion strategies for broadcast sporting events.

How to Attract More Customers

3 Jan 2021

Marketing in today’s digital world is all about the customer. Understanding what consumers want and creating a user experience that engages and inspires can be the difference between survival and failure. Online traffic has reached its peak and businesses must respond to shifting demands to gain an advantage and ensure success.