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Exhibit at #BLOCKCHAINWEST 2019

Blockchain West is the largest enterprise blockchain conference on the West Coast, jam packed with the latest use cases, proof of concepts, pilots, blockchain technology and more. Can you afford to miss out?

Blockchain West is differentiated from other Blockchain events in that it explores wider Blockchain use cases, proof of concepts, pilots and rollouts across Business and Government. This multi track event will start with big picture keynotes from Blockchain and Cryptocurrency experts, before splitting off into topic and vertical industry/sector specific tracks that will allow attendees to choose and focus on the applications of Blockchain that are most related to their individual needs.

Blockchain west will feature in depth case studies from organisations that are directly benefitting from blockchain implementations in enterprise and expert led panel discussions. The event will bring both the supply and demand side together and focus on a broad range of issues that go beyond just cryptocurrency as a use case, focusing on enterprise blockchain applications in supply chain, healthcare, trade, identity, security, fintech, DApps, Federal government applications, industry specific public or private blockchains etc.

Blockchain will be used by enterprise to reduce disputes, save time, increase efficiency in processes, and reduce the risk fraud or tampering in almost any transaction or process.

The potential market for these technologies and services is immeasurable, and now is the right time to get your product in front of potential clients and investors at Blockchain West.

Why Sponsor or Exhibit at Blockchain West?

Here at GSMI we’ve been building industry-renowned programs across a wide variety of sectors since 2010. We have a proven track record of helping sponsors and exhibitors like you leverage our community of leaders in the world of bots; in-house experts working within businesses, government and non profits; and most importantly, motivated decision-makers with an interest in bots that will create an experience rich in networking and relationship-building opportunities with prospects that will generate new business.

  Position your business as a thought leader in the Blockchain space:
Present a client case study in front of room full of motivated director and VP level professionals with an active interest in blockchain technology and solutions. Be a part of high-value conversations around the latest trends in blockchain, distributed apps and cryptocurrency.

  Engage in meaningful conversations with prospective customers:
We work one-on-one with you to create a custom sponsorship package that ensures you’re connecting with prime prospects most relevant to you.

  Limited booth space:
Our intimate conferences ensures your booth won’t get lost in a crowd of hundreds and guarantees you’ll also be featured as a premiere bot solution in a fast growing industry. Make sure you register your space and don’t get left behind.

Contact me for sponsorship options, detailed attendee demographics and more. I look forward to working with you to create a sponsor package unique to your organization’s needs!

Kelly Hara
Sales & Marketing Director
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 619-377-8475

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