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Vijayendra Bhamidipati


Vijayendra Bhamidipati is MTS at eBay Inc, San Jose, US. His current projects are in Blockchain technologies, containers, security and ML. He has previously worked in various areas including databases and HA clusters, FCoE and Cloud orchestration (Openstack and Cloudstack) and SDN-cloud integration. Vijayendra has previously been accepted to talk at the Openstack Vancouver summit in 2015 on Load Balancing solutions for the Ebay/Paypal Openstack cloud. He also has previously run the earliest Openstack meetups in Citrix and Yahoo in the Bay Area circa 2011 and was a guest speaker on Solaris Cluster at Wipro Bangalore in 2006. He has two patents currently under review with USPTO in the fields of security and digital content licensing on the Blockchain.

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