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Vipin Bharathan


Vipin Bharathan is the chair of the Identity working group and a member of the Architecture as well as Performance and Scale working group in the Hyperledger project. He is on the Hyperledger speakers bureau as well as a Hyperledger labs steward. Currently, he is a freelancer doing Blockchain consulting. Vipin was also a member of the R3 steerco and was involved in projects in R3 including Leia 2 and its follow through resulting in a global trial with more than 35 institutions. He was the Blockchain strategist in BNP Paribas North Americas for more than 2 years and was involved in many of the bank's Blockchain evaluation and Proof of concepts, pilots and commercial networks including UTN, both locally and globally. His diverse interests include crypto-economics, philosophy and embedded systems programming. Vipin is a software developer, having worked with distributed systems, database technology and User Interface development. As a leader of teams in major financial institutions he is well versed in the full cycle of agile software development and delivery methodology. From the business perspective Vipin has a background in fixed income products, having developed software for Trading Risk and P&L for several fixed income shops. He has been involved in cryptography from the mid-nineties when he was part of the team that developed the first Audible player who were granted a patent related to the targeting and securing of content on the Audible player.

Vipin Bharathan's Session:

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