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Jethro Grassie

Group Head of Technology

Jethro has been an active technology practitioner for over 20 years. Starting on the ground as a freelance programmer developing desktop and server software targeting Apple Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems, Jethro soon discovered a huge demand for integrated cross-platform solutions. Jethro formed a successful specialist technology company and began branching out further targeting more and more operating systems and devices, such as smartphones, tablets and bespoke devices. With the company now acquired by Edelman, Jethro enjoys his position spear-heading the technical team at Edelman, staying at the forefront of technology and creativity for multi-platform digital solutions.

Outside of his day-job, Jethro spends the majority of his time contributing in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, in particular Monero - a secure, private and untraceable digital currency.

Jethro Grassie's Session:

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