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Dr. Lisa Palleson

Adjunct professor in Business
Fairleigh Dickenson University

Lisa Palleson is an adjunct professor in Business at Fairleigh Dickenson University, teaching at the undergraduate and graduate level. Lisa Palleson obtained her Ph.D in International Business with Honours in the U.K. She ran a European Union funded project on technology and innovation and led a programme on global branding. She created her first retail company, becoming an early adopter in several industries and has continued building value from the ground up. She has 20 years experience in B2B, fundraising, marketing, sales and start-ups.

Lisa has built and continues to create companies from the ground up. A seasoned entrepreneur, she has been a first adopter in retail, consumer products, international trade and e-commerce. In recent years, she has built a successful brand that targets the Asian marketplace using disruptive marketing to penetrate social markets. Her most recent venture focuses on the newly emerging medical marijuana space.

As a visionary that seeks out innovative spaces, her attention has shifted to blockchain. She is passionate about making this space mainstream. Dr. Palleson is a self-confessed blockchain evangelist. As both a speaker and lecturer she makes a valuable contribution to blockchain pedagogy. She is presently building course curriculum on blockchain and give seminars and talks on blockchain and it implication for business and society.
At the moment she is working on three blockchain projects. As CMO with the AIBB team, an Ai assisted trading platform, with DAOLAB, a decentralised tool box for companies of tomorrow, and is also working on a platform for companies in the medical marijuana space. When she is not preaching the fundamentals of blockchain to her children, or is attempting to get them off their devices, and into the mountains to ski or hike. She lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Dr. Lisa Palleson's Session:

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