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Jeremy Turpen

Executive Recruiter

Jeremy has always liked to go big. He grew up skiing with Olympians, has leapt from the world’s highest bungee jump, ran marathons, summited high altitude peaks and snowboarded in Antarctica. Professionally, Jeremy helps his clients go big by finding executives and building teams that outperform the competition. He is a seasoned executive recruiter with a sixth sense about what will make a perfect match. He has a personal passion around blockchain technologies and has an unparalleled network of talent in the space. Leaders at both early stage startups and larger companies rely on Jeremy for their talent acquisition needs. He has earned their trust by refusing to give up and delivering time and time again when others can’t. Jeremy is an avid cryptocurrency investor and also sees the profound social impact that blockchain technologies will have globally.

Jeremy Turpen's Session:

1:15 pm–2:15 pm
#3: Training, Recruiting and Human Capital

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