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Melanie Marsollier

Manager - Blockchain and Distributed Infrastructure

Melanie is a Manager in the EY’s Blockchain and Distributed Infrastructure Practice. She is coordinating the development of solutions to provide to financial institutions and startups in the consensus technology space.

Melanie supports and advises client executive teams approach to blockchain and other disruptive FinTech as a part of broader-based business strategy conversations. She is coordinating amongst EY's Capital Markets, Wealth and Asset Management, Insurance, and Health to help EY’s clients build business driven solutions using blockchain.

Prior to joining EY, Melanie was a consultant for a top bitcoin technology company, advising on matters related to state and federal regulatory compliance and partnerships with financial institutions.

Melanie is a supporter of the public blockchain space; she is an active validator operating a consensus node on POA network, one of the first fully functional Proof of Authority governance blockchain.

Melanie Marsollier's Session:

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