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Aditya Santhanam

Sr. Consultant - BI & Data Engineering
TVS Next

Aditya is a Senior Consultant at TVS Next and a part of the TVS Next Lab. He has an experience of 5 years; across divisions of management & technology such as consulting and Technical pre-sales. Aditya has been proficient in strategizing products for TVS Next and the TVS Group of Companies. He has been proficient in designing solutions in the latest technologies such as Blockchain for his clients; concentrating on improving operational efficiency and creating new business models. Aditya also comes across with deep understanding of statistical techniques and methods such as Predictive Analytics, Time Series Analysis and Descriptive Analytics. He has further published research papers in renowned journals such as the International Science Congress on topics related to statistical models. E-ISSN:2319-1171

Aditya Santhanam's Session:

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