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March 19, 2019 - 1:00 pm –4:00 pm

Blockchain for Senior Business Decision Makers

This half-day, non-technical workshop will equip senior leaders and approving managers with the tools they required to prepare for a blockchain initiative in their organization (such as a pilot or a proof of concept). Attendees will gain an understanding of where blockchain has the potential to disrupt their organization before delegating it to their technical/developer teams or to an outside consultant.

  • What is blockchain (and what isn’t it)?
  • How can your organization benefit from blockchain?
  • Preparing your organization for disruption: strategy, structure, business processes, governance, talent and legacy systems
  • Where does blockchain fit (and where doesn’t it)?
  • Understanding the impact of regulations and the law on your project.
  • How can you leverage smart contracts in your organization?
  • Tracking the success of your project: KPIS and measuring ROI
John Riley C N C Blockchain Advisory LLC
John Riley
Co-Founder & CEO
C N C Blockchain Advisory LLC
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