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March 20, 2019 - 2:00 pm–2:45 pm

Enterprise Blockchain Platforms - Current State & Future Roadmap

Blockchain is showing major potential and early traction in enterprise business networks across many industries. Use cases range widely from supply chains, to anti-fraud, and many others across B2B networks of today, albeit with antiquated technologies ranging from faxing to centralized hub-and-spoke networks with intermediaries. Business values powering the application of blockchain across these industries range from drastic improvements in efficiency and cost reduction, to building trust, enabling sharing and collaboration, and improving engagement and experiences of users.

  • Microsoft’s vision for blockchain powered transformation of enterprise business networks, covering innovation opportunities, building trust, and improving efficiency and reliability.
  • Enterprise opportunities for blockchain: Key use cases, and enterprise business values where blockchain is already showing traction in terms of real solutions and pilots either completed or in progress.
  • Practical strategies to address common concerns and challenges including privacy, security, compliance, identity, integration and interoperability, performance, and deployment and availability.
  • Microsoft blockchain platforms and tools- current state, roadmap, opportunities to engage
David Houlding Microsoft
David Houlding
Principal Healthcare Lead
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