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March 20, 2019 - 10:45 am–11:30 am

Overcoming challenges in building a supply chain use case, POC or POV

Successfully trialing blockchain in enterprise is about much more than just technology. Product owners must also develop a use case, test its viability, build a business case that delivers clear value, identify third party partners and find willing suppliers who will be involved in the initial test case. Insights shared will be based on actual working of a use case using blockchain and will focus on:

  • Identifying the Use Case and determining if blockchain is the best fit.
  • Building the business case
  • Selling internally to get buy-in from different functions and identifying a champion
  • Determine Scope and enrolling IT and/or third-party solution provider and get a cost proposal, project timeline and deliverables
  • Selling externally and enrolling peers and/or vendors or building a consortium
  • Establishing a contract
  • Building the solution, running a pilot and evaluate benefits
  • Documenting learnings and identify next steps and implementation plan
Balaji Ramakrishnan BP America Production Company
Balaji Ramakrishnan
PSCM Director, BPX Energy
BP America Production Company
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